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News Article

Universal Studios Brings 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' to Halloween Horror Nights


So far, Universal Studios has announced The Walking Dead, Alice Cooper, Universal Monsters, Silent Hill, and La Llorna mazes for their annual Halloween Horror Nights event. Just announced today, Leatherface will be joining the fun.

Based on Tobe Hooper's brilliant Texas Chainsaw Massacre, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw is the Law" maze will make its debut at this year's event. Stupid title aside, it should make for a scary walk-through.

From the press release: "Those who dare to step into the inner workings of a slaughterhouse maze will be gripped with vivid telltale signs of imminent doom.  Gruesome and blood-soaked scenes from the controversial classic will terrorize guests as they experience a labyrinth that will captivate all senses and render them defenseless when met with nightmarish images of mutilated bodies on bloody meat hooks; become paralyzed by putrid odors of decomposed corpses; navigate their way through human bones and animal pelts suspended from the ceiling; and run from the unmistakable roaring sound of a chainsaw revving to life when Leatherface lunges from the darkness in search of victims."

Halloween Horror Nights begins September 21st and runs through Halloween.