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Update: IAMX Premieres 'Volatile Times' Video


A couple of weeks ago, we tipped you off to the upcoming release of Volatile Times, the new EP from "midnight electro-rock" band IAMX, the haunted brainchild of former Sneaker Pimps frontman Chris Corner. The release is slated to arrive next Tuesday, but Corner and company have also made good on their promise to unveil a strange but fascinating new music video to accompany the title track. You can watch that clip on the flip, and catch up on the band's latest mysterious machinations...

The band's new full-length studio album is still pending a North American release, but the EP is a tantalizing taste of what's to come. Described by Corner as "an angst-ridden 'fuck you' song," the album version of "Volatile Times" will be accompanied by remixes by Clayton Worbeck (whose resume includes remixes for Ministry, Prong, Filter and more), electro-rock duo Noblesse Oblige, British artist Glen, and by Chris Corner himself (under the alias Unfall).

Produced independently by the band, Volatile Times will be limited to a short run of 500 copies, available only through the e-shop "Boutique IAMX," which is offering signed copies on preorders before the September 23rd launch date.

Corner was tight-lipped about the making of the video, but he was right about bandmate Janine Gezang playing a "demonic, blood-soaked sex nun floating in a swimming pool," and the frontman portrays "the drunken, crying Hershey's chocolate syrup monster in the white room of an asylum." The images come fast and furious, just like the emotionally intense song itself, so pay close attention...