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UPDATED: Slipknot Unveil 'Snuff'


Mad masked metallers Slipknot posted a cryptic, ominous teaser for Snuff, the upcoming short film/music video promoting the fifth single from last year's chart-busting album All Hope is Gone. The short looks intense, creepy and even a bit giallo-like in its eerie fetishistic attention to strange details... and hey, did I just see Hellraiser veteran Ashley Laurence? Get a peek at the first haunting footage after the jump...

Directed by M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan and P.R. Brown, the LA-shot video for Snuff has the potential to be pretty intense – at least if the brooding, angst-dripping track itself is any indication (“So save your breath, I will not care/I think I made it very clear... I only wish you weren't my friend/Then I could hurt you in the end”). Either way, it looks like the characters in this little psycho-drama have issues that probably won't be worked out to their mutual satisfaction. Ashley's role in the proceedings is still a mystery, however...

The complete video is set to premiere tomorrow, and the band is starting to post still images from it on their website... but for now, viddy the teaser below!

UPDATED 12.18.2009 See the full video below.