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Video Imagines The Walking Dead As a 90s TV Show


Television has come a long way in the last couple decades, and The Walking Dead is one of the absolute perfect examples of that.  TV episodes nowadays are more like mini-movies, and the major networks are getting away with a whole lot more than they used to be able to.  The shows of decades past naturally look tame, dated and quite corny in comparison to the shows that get our asses on the couch in the present day, and the same can be said for their opening credits sequences.  In fact, the opening credits of any given show oftentimes speak volumes about the decade the show is from, as each decade seems to have had its own way of doing them.

When it comes to shows like NYPD Blue, ER and Law & Order, the music and visuals in the opening credits are quintessentially 90s, delightfully corny music introducing us to the names and faces of the principal actors that fill out their casts.  What if The Walking Dead came out not in the 2000s but rather in the time when those aforementioned shows reigned supreme?  This brilliant video that we spotted over on the website Ego Trip Land imagines such a world, totally nailing the vibe of 90s TV shows!