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Video: 'You're Next' Reactions From Comic-Con!


Well, Comic-Con is officially in full swing and one of the cool perks here for the audience was an advanced screening of this summer's highly anticipated horror flick 'You're Next!' Naturally, FEARnet made sure to swing by the theater where the screening was taking place and we got some audience reactions from people while they left the theater. 'You're Next' definitely looks like one flick you need to mark on your calander. Check out the video below, and you can see Lionsgate's Comic-Con exclusive poster for 'You're Next' from earlier in the week.

'You're Next' is in theaters everywhere on August 23rd! The movie stars Sharni Vinson ('Patrick'), AJ Bowen ('The House Of The Devil'), Barbara Crampton ('Re-Animator') and was directed by Adam Wingard from a script by Simon Barrett ('A Horrible Way To Die').