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'Videodrome' Remake Director Has Been Named


Another contender enters the "Least Necessary Remake" ring: Videodrome. The David Cronenberg classic starred James Woods as a cable station manager who comes across a signal that transmits imagery of extreme torture and violence, and it has a hallucinatory hold over him.

I'm not going to start preaching about how unnecessary this remake is; how Cronenberg's style cannot be imitated; and the irony of remaking such a wholly original and groundbreaking film. No, let's discuss the facts. The facts are, this film is being remade, and Adam Berg will be directing it.

Videodrome will mark Berg's feature directorial debut, which seems pretty ambitious. Berg comes from the world of commercials, but his aesthetic does seem to be similar with Cronenberg's. This commercial earned Berg the Film Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival:


The script comes from Ehren Kruger, whose list of genre credits include some good titles (The Ring), and some not-so-good titles (The Ring 2). He also wrote the scripts for the Transformers movies, which surprised me. I didn't realize those movies had scripts.

Source: Deadline