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Vintage Recipe Teaches You How to Make Boris Karloff's Alcohol-Infused Guacamole


Boris Karloff Guacamole

Is there any appetizer on this Earth that is better than guacamole?  Because if there is, I've yet to find it.  If you're looking for the perfect recipe to spice up your New Year's Eve celebration, then we've got ya covered!

Though Vincent Price is no doubt the reigning king of the horror cooks, releasing several cookbooks and even starring in his own cooking show, Boris Karloff also had a flair for fine foods, as seen in this vintage newspaper article that we spotted over on the website Dangerous Minds.

"Mexican food is a favorite of this veteran actor," says the article, which then segues into a unique guacamole recipe straight from Karloff's kitchen.  Though most of the ingredients are those typically found listed off in such recipes, like tomatoes and onions, Karloff's twist on the Mexican dip is the addition of two teaspoons of Sherry, kicking the world's best appetizer up a notch.  Best of all, it's green... just like Frankenstein's monster!

If you whip up a batch of Karloff's guac, be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know how it turned out!