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'Walking Dead' Fans, We Have Our Michonne


I won't spoil last night's season 2 finale of The Walking Dead for those who haven't seen it, but I think it's safe to say we got a surprise appearance from a Walking Dead comic-book character whom many of us have been waiting to see on the show since the series was first announced -- yup, warrior woman Michonne finally showed up. More after the jump.

A press release we just received from AMC about The Walking Dead states that the network "has cast actress Danai Gurira (Treme/The Visitor) in the coveted role of Michonne... [Last night's] season 2 finale first featured the iconic character who will reappear in season 3 of the AMC series. Michonne, a fan favorite from Robert Kirkman's comic book series, is a mysterious woman armed with a sword."

Okay, now I'm gonna throw out a spoiler for those who haven't seen the season's second to last episode yet...

Since Shane left in the season's penultimate episode, there was definitely a void of badassery that needed filling. So the timing for Michonne's first appearance couldn't have been better. It was a move well played by The Walking Dead's producers. Now let's keep the momentum going in season 3, guys.