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News Article

Wanna See 'The Wolf Man' Early?

As we all know, Benicio 'Kid Gorgeous' Del Toro will star in the upcoming remake of the 1941 Lon Chaney monster movie classic The Wolfman. If you were lucky enough to catch the trailer for the flick at Comic-Con (or saw the bootleg on YouTube like a certain someone who may or may not be writing this article) you already know it looks pretty promising (especially with Rick ?American Werewolf in London? Baker rocking the make-up). You may also be aware that Universal Studio Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights (which we here at FEARnet have covered quite extensively) is once again going down for all you horror freaks living out in the LA area or willing to make the trip for a good scare. Okay, now let's marry those two things' you catching my drift? That's right, attendees of Halloween Horror Nights will be treated to a "first look" at the film...

which will be playing on the LED screens of the Terror Tram (think "the Backlot Tour" but with more of you messing your pants--which is hard to imagine if you?ve eaten the food inside the park and been stuck on that ride for an hour afterwards). Not only will you be treated to seeing scenes from what the studio is calling 'a re-imagining of a horror classic,' but this year Universal has doubled the length of your Terror Tram ride, and you know what that means: double the scares! The Wolfman has been kept quite secretive up to this point, save for a few pictures of what Del Toro will look like, and that grainy trailer that leaked a bit ago, so it'll definitely be worth heading to Universal City if only for that.

"Halloween Horror Nights" begins on Friday, October 3 and will extend over an expanded 13-night run concluding Saturday, November 1. Tickets to "Halloween Horror Nights" are on sale now at