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Watch The Claymation 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' in 60 Seconds


Claymation Texas ChainsawEven when he’s made of clay, Leatherface makes a serious mess.

You may know Lee Hardcastle from the short he made for the horror anthology The ABCs of Death, T Is for Toilet. It’s the one with the kid and the killer toilet. A seriously talented guy, Hardcastle actually won the open submission contest Drafthouse Films ran for The ABCs of Death, beating our 169 other submissions.  

You can watch Hardcastle’s other claymation, including at 60-second Hostel and Shaun of the Dead, here. Watch the clay-tacular 60-second version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre shot in super 8 below.


Added bonus, more Lee Hardcastle shorts on FEARnet below: