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Watch a Man Lose His Thumb in This Gory Prank!


Finland's answer to the guys from Jackass, The Dudesons are a four-man stunt group that made a name for themselves with their idiotic 'Don't Try This At Home!' hijinks, putting their lives at risk all in the name of making people laugh.

One of the dudes from the crew, Jarppi Leppala, is missing his right thumb, the result of an accident that has been the subject of much conversation over the years.  Jarppi has told stories ranging from a polar bear attack to a circular saw accident, so it's hard to be sure how exactly he lost his thumb.  All that matters though is that he indeed did lose his thumb, and he's all about putting the deformity to good use - would you expect any less?

In this hilarious new prank from The Dudesons, Jarppi put fake blood on the tip of his stump, and then he and friend Jukka solicited help from strangers with changing the oil in their car.  An oil change of course requires the hood of the car being propped up, and I think you can figure out what happens from there.

Check out the prank below, courtesy of YouTube channel Roman Atwood Pranks!