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Watch the Teaser for Latino 'Paranormal Activity'


Latino Paranormal ActivityBack in October, we reported some updates to the next chapter of the Paranormal Activity franchise.

Now our friends over at Bloody Disgusting have posted a post-credit clip of the still unnamed spin-off. Here’s what we know about the set-up:

“The new project will reunite producers Jason Blum and Oren Peli with Christopher Landon, the writer of the second and third installments in the Paranormal franchise."

"Landon will write and direct the project, described by sources as a 'cousin' to the Paranormal movies but not a sequel, reboot or spinoff. The real kicker is that the movie will be Latino-themed. It will star a Latino cast and will tackle Catholic-based paranormal mythology. It will not, however, be in Spanish.”

In this clip we are put behind the camera as we watch found footage of someone entering a bodega. It’s unclear what they are looking for, but it’s very clear the owner of the establishment isn’t happy they are snooping around.

Here’s the translation via Bloody Disgusting:

It’s there. Where you can get your SanterĂ­as. Let’s go. What is all this? This is pure witchcraft. Ugh [lit. listen to me], I’m leaving.

“This is only the beginning.

“Run, run! Let’s leave!”

Watch the clip below.