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Waxwork Records' Rosemary's Baby Vinyl Soundtrack Crawls Out of the Crib


Waxwork Records Rosemary's Baby

Just like One Way Static Records, who just recently put up for pre-order the original Hills Have Eyes soundtrack, Waxwork Records was formed this year, and has already become one of the leading names in the resurgence of horror-themed vinyl releases.  Waxwork has more than impressed fans with their Re-Animator and Day of the Dead releases, and up next they're digging into the crib and plucking out Rosemary's Baby!

Set for release on January 28th of next year, the release marks the very first time Christopher Komeda's complete soundtrack for the 1968 classic has been pressed to vinyl, and it's been remixed and mastered for vinyl from the original analog master tapes.  Nestled inside of packaging that features brand new artwork from Jay Shaw, the release will come complete with in-depth liner notes and even unreleased production stills, making this a must-own presentation for all fans of the film.

As has become the norm with these sorts of vinyl releases, a few different limited variants will be available, and you can find all the details on Waxwork Records' website.  Pre-orders kick off over there on December 10th!