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We Preview 'Falling Skies' Season Two

I've spent the last week puzzling over what I would say in my Falling Skies preview piece. After all, the first few episodes I have seen were good... but there is nothing new.

Tom is back from his three-month sojourn with the aliens. That's not much of a surprise; Noah Wylie's character is the unopposed lead of the series, and he is a producer on the show. He is back right away. But is Tom back or is it alien Tom? Tom Lite? It is not dissimilar to the season one storyline in which Tom's son, Ben, gets harnessed by the aliens. Though Tom steals him back, and Dr. Glass manages to remove (most) of the harness from his spine, much of the rest of the season is devoted to wondering and worrying if Ben, like his friend Rick (who was harnessed for longer) maintains his alien sympathies. Tom returns, and he has no harness, but does that mean that the aliens didn't tinker with him? 

Regardless of where the story is (or isn't) going, one thing is for sure: Falling Skies got a bigger budget. I have always found the effects to be quite good, especially for television, due in no small part to using practical effects as much as digital effects. But as the first couple episodes show, things in season two are a bit more cinematic. There were a lot of battles, big movie screen-sized battles that are quite enjoyable.  

One of the most intriguing concepts proposed last year was the idea that the skitters were once... well, not skitters. The harnesses seem to change humans into aliens. Maybe there are other species in there? This season promises to explore that concept more. Other questions that are in play include the basics: why are the aliens here? What do they hope to gain from Earth?

The two-hour Falling Skies premiere is Sunday, June 17th at 9pm on TNT.