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We Talk 'The Invisible Man', 'Flash Forward', and 'X-Men Origins: Magneto' with David Goyer!


Blade and Batman Begins screenwriter David Goyer has a full slate of  genre projects on the horizon.  And while he was mum (at yesterday’s Los Angeles press junket for his upcoming film The Unborn) on the possibility of a third Batman film (“if I were working on it, I would not talk about it!”), he did clue us in on a few other goodies. Check out what Mr. G had to say after the jump…

On Flash Forward:

“My next project is a pilot I co-wrote with Brannon Braga called Flash Forward.  I’ll be directing that in February.  We just cast Joseph Fiennes and John Cho and Courtney Vance, and Jack Davenport… couple other guys.  It’s for ABC, designed to be a companion to Lost.”

On The Invisible Man:

“I’ve written an adaptation – sort of a reimagining – of The Invisible Man for Universal.  Theoretically, that would be the next feature I direct.  I have an actor in mind for the lead, but I don’t want to say anything because we are in the midst of talking with this person.”

On X-Men Origins: Magneto:

“They are just waiting to see what happens with Wolverine.  They were deciding between doing Wolverine or Magneto first, and they decided on Wolverine, so I decided to direct The Unborn.  They still want to make Magneto.  They are hoping that Wolverine will be a big hit, and open the way for Magneto.  It could potentially conflict with The Invisible Man.  But we’ll see.  That is a rich man’s problem.”