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This Week in Horror: 'Let Sleeping Corpses Lie'


Typically, this feature is titled “This Day in Horror.” Unfortunately, not too much was happening on November 30. But, taking a look back at the full week, there were a few cool releases. One was Jorge Grau’s Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, which in the original Spanish title roughly translates to Do Not Profane the Sleep of the Dead. It’s also known as The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue and in America, Don't Open the Window.

This early addition to the zombie film genre is renowned for a rumored eyeball-eating scene that, as far as I know, has never been confirmed. It boasts beautiful camera work, a satirical plot, and a dash of Hammer influence.  Edgar Wright was influenced by Let Sleeping Corpses Lie for his Grindhouse trailer Don’t.  He told the,  “Yeah. It basically like in the ‘70’s when American International would open their films in the States and they’d change the title to something more sensationalistic and they would do a rather aggressive voiceover, and that’s basically my trailer. The British title would be something really boring like, An Incident at Cot Hall. [laughter]
That’s the thing, they’d used to have these films like The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead or Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, and then when they’re released in the States it’s called [lowering his voice like an ominous voiceover artist], Don’t Open the Window! And that’s the type of nonsensical, aggressive title you’d find, and that’s what we were going for [in Grindhouse].

Title: Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
Released: November 28, 1974
Tagline: "To avoid fainting keep repeating, it's only a movie... only a movie... only a movie... only a movie..." (sound familiar?)


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