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Weekly DVD Dissection

If you're looking for big-name new releases or a big list of classic catalog titles, I'm sorry to say you've shown up during the wrong week. The late-August DVD drought continues (both in horror and in those "other" genres), but if you're open to a few no-name cheapies, there's some titles worth checking out. And if you're a big fan of the "digital upgrade," we have three new re-releases that might be worth a look... 


But first we have a Coscarelli Alert! (woop woop!) Fans of the Cosc will want to snag the brand-new Anchor Bay edition of Phantasm 4: Oblivion. Previously released as a sketchy bare-bones edition, P4:0 finally gets the special edition treatment it doesn't exactly deserve -- but the fans are happy, and that's what matters.

First we'll run through the smaller stuff:

Kitchen Privileges -- What a strange title for a horror movie. Previously known as Housebound, this 2000 production has (at the very least) an interesting cast that includes Peter Sarsgaard and Ann Magnuson. It seems to be some sort of 'Single White Female in reverse' type of thriller, but with a title like that -- it oughta be a cannibal movie!

Skinned Alive -- According to some random guy who posts reviews at, this movie "makes cannibal hookers even hotter!" Don't know if we need much more of an endorsement than that.

Home Sick -- Genre favorites Bill Moseley and Tiffany Shepis star in a low-budget slasher gore-fest that's actually been earning some solid word on the genre circuit. Might be worth adding to your queue AND bumping it into the top ten.

Vampire Diary -- It's about a bunch of cows who get bitten by a vampire, which turns their milk into some sort of blood potion. Oh, my bad. I thought the title was Vampire DAIRY. Honest mistake, although my concept sounds like a lot more fun than the real movie does.

Dante's Inferno -- Dermot Mulroney and James Cromwell lend their voices to this awesomely bizarre-sounding animated adaptation of The Divine Comedy. A rental for sure. (For me, anyway.)

In the 'double-dip' department, today offers three movies you probably already own ... but now you can own 'em again.

The Nightmare Before Christmas -- Yes, it's Hot Topic's favorite goth-flavored stop-motion holiday film. Now available in two new special editions: For $25 you can get the two-disc edition that comes with all-new commentaries and featurettes -- or for $140 you can get the ... whoops, looks like Disney ash-canned that "ultimate edition" package. Even for a flick this good, that's a bit too rich for my blood.

Delicatessen -- Not exactly horror, but certainly dark, twisted and weird enough to please the genre fans.(Plus there's a meat cleaver on the DVD cover, so technically it counts.) From the guys who went on to do City of Lost Children and Amelie, this stunningly cool-looking piece of absurdity arrives in a Lionsgate special edition boasting several extra features ... but they've all been ported over from the old Miramax disc. Still, definitely worth seeing.

Brotherhood of the Wolf -- I've always been a fan of this crazy French horror / action / mystery / period piece, and now's a good time to give it a whole new spin. This two-disc director's cut special edition offers a 151-minute cut of the film, plus a whole bunch of deleted scenes, documentaries, and featurettes. On a lame DVD week, this one stands out as a big highlight for me.

If you're a fan of ancient cheese, you'll want to track down Killer's Delight (1978), Cannibal Terror (1980), Devil Hunter (1980), and Bloody Moon (1981). FEARnet accepts no responsibility regarding the quality of these films.

Next week: Yikes. Talk about horrors. (Or lack thereof.)