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News Article

The Weird and Twisted at Toy Fair 2014


Another American International Toy Fair is in the books and as always, aside from the kids products and the mainstream licensed products, we’re always guaranteed to come across some oddities walking down the aisles. It’s our luck that the strange stuff often has to do with horror-related collectibles and once again, we’ve collected some cult favorites and weird, but excellent things to bring an end to our floor coverage. 

Talking Chucky Dolls 

Mezco gives fans of the murdering hero of Child’s Play lots of new collectible opportunities this year with a 15-inch Talking Good Guy Chucky, or the evil 15-inch version from Bride of Chucky. There will also be 16-inch plush versions of Chucky and his beautiful bride, Tiffany. Last but not least, a stylized vinyl Chucky and a strange, decorative pillow that features the box art for the doll. Available in fall 2014. 

Battle-Damaged Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man 

Ghostbusters celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and Diamond Select Toys is honoring the franchise with two 24-inch versions of New York’s greatest enemy: the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. However, we think the best version is the slightly smaller Battle-Damaged version which features the burn marks left on the beast after the Ghostbusters fry him with their proton packs. Available summer 2014. 

Kotobukiya Jason & Freddy Dolls 

Kotobukiya produces some beautiful sculptures but the announcement of their new Bishoujo versions of A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy and Friday the 13th’s Jason inspired ladies is a little too weird for us to process. Available in late fall 2014. 

Classic Godzilla 

With the new Godzilla film due this year, the menace of Japan is back in collectible favor again. Diamond Select Toys is featuring new versions including a 1989 style Godzilla vinyl bank, a classic style bust bank, a burning Godzilla variation and a golden Gihidra that looks amazing. 

Monster High Dolls
Mattel’s goth line of dolls get even weirder with their Fusion assortment that mashes together popular dolls to make new dolls with names like Lagoonafire, Dracubecca or Neighthan Rot. We say let your freak flag fly as young as you can. Available June 2014. 

Funko Pop Horror Figures
Horror’s contemporary greatest villains get the stylized urban vinyl treatment from Funko and they look pretty great. Chucky, Sam, Captain Spaulding, The Crow, Pennywise, Billy, Ghostface and Ash are new additions to the line this year. 

Grimm Bust 

Grimm’s Nick Burkhardt gets to look heroic in mid axe-swing (probably at some imaginary Wesen) for a Dark Horse bust that’s out now in stores. The show doesn’t get a lot of mainstream love so we like seeing cult show support. 

Funko Pop Buffy the Vampire Slayer Figures 

The Sunnydale Slayer gets the miniaturized treatment along with three of her great foes: Angel (bad  when in Angelus mode), Spike (in fang mode) and a Gentleman from “Hush”. The whole line is due in June 2014. 

All photos by Bill Edwards.