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What Lurks within 'The Gates'?

Welcome to The Gates of hell.  What lies beyond The Gates?  Are you prepared to enter The Gates?  Okay, I'm done with the cheesy title tie-ins, but I'm also getting psyched for the new ABC drama The Gates, which starts this Sunday. Why am I psyched? Hit the jump to find out.

The show follows a perfect atomic family, the Monohans, as they move in to the upscale, picture-perfect planned community, The Gates.  Of course, this community is more Stepford than Gossip Girl; otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it.  The inhabitants behind The Gates have many dark secrets: hidden amongst their ranks are vampires, werewolves, witches, and all manner of supernatural creatures.  The premise sounds admittedly silly -- kind of like True Blood meets Desperate Housewives -- but I think the show knows it's campy and doesn't take itself too seriously.  I'm hoping it becomes a guilty pleasure, and avoids the crap hole than many of its predecessors have fallen down (*cough* Eastwick *cough*).

The Gates stars Rhona Mitra (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans), Frank Grillo (Mother's Day), Marisol Nichols (24), and Luke Mably (28 Days Later). It begins this Sunday night, June 20th, on ABC. Check out the first seventeen minutes below.