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What Is Making These Bizarre Web Towers in the Amazon?


Amazon web tower

This past summer, the bizarre silken structures seen above joined crop circles on the list of unexplained artistry.  Discovered by student Troy Alexander, deep in the Peruvian Amazon, the photographs have been baffling scientists, who have never seen anything like them.  Is some new breed of alien spider responsible for the strange web towers?  The folks over on Wired followed a team of spider-hunting scientists deep into the Amazon earlier this month, and they've finally cracked the mystery!

During their investigation, entomologist Phil Torres and his team came across 40 individual web towers, most of them appearing in clusters containing between two and six structures.  After closely examining the formations, with both the naked eye and high-res cameras, the team came up with various possible origin stories, before they got a lucky break.  Just as they were about to give up, tiny eggs at the base of one of the structures hatched, giving life to a couple baby spiderlings.

web tower spider

Adding yet another layer to the mystery, the spiders (seen above) appear to be a species that's never been documented before, and the scientists posit that perhaps the web towers are some sort of spider nursery.  Yes.  A spider nursery.

Though the investigation still continues, this seems the most likely explanation, which is highly unusual given the fact that spiders have never been known to lay individual eggs in particular spots.  Could this be a new breed of alien spider, after all?  And would anyone like to suggest any names for these little guys?  Take a stab at it by commenting below!