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Who's the Tough Guy Meow?

Few images in horror are as iconic as the human skull, adorning everything from bottles of poison to Ghost Rider's flaming head. But just when I thought nothing new could be done with the it, along come the folks at Hairbrained design studio to prove me wrong. Behold the t-shirt design "Who's the Tough Guy Meow?", which features a skull made entirely out of the least scary thing on the planet -- kittens. Yes, there's irony and then there's super-meta-turbo irony. More after the jump.

"Who's the Tough Guy Meow?" is today's tee at, where you can pick one up for a measley ten bucks. But even if you miss today's sale, you can still buy one at Harebrained's website (where it goes by the less politically correct name of "Skulls Are for Pussies").

Says Harebrained, "'Who's the Tough Guy Meow?' was made as a response to all the Affliction and Tapout 'tough guy' shirts out there. We wanted to take the skull, this go-to element for all of those kind of designs, and completely remove its edginess. What's less edgy than a bunch of kittens? NOTHING. Well maybe kittens in wedding dresses. That's super cute."