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Wild Video Shows Whale Slapping Female Student


Whale slap

I've never quite understood the hobby of whale watching. To me, that sounds a bit like going into Camp Crystal Lake, and spying on Jason as he carries out his daily tasks. A whale's domain, just like Jason's, is a dangerous place to hang around, as one unlucky student just discovered...

As we spotted over on Gawker, a whale watching expedition off the coast of Mexico in Baja California took a turn for the horrifying last weekend when a massive whale got just a little bit too close for comfort, and literally smacked young student Chelsea Crawford with its tail. Thankfully, Crawford was not injured by the world's largest slap, though I'm willing to bet she won't be going near the water anytime soon.

What does it look like, when a whale slaps a human? Well, the whole ordeal was captured on video, and we must say... it's pretty damn hilarious. Check out the video below!

Over in Argentina last year, whale watchers had no idea that they were the ones being watched. Check out one hell of a frightening photograph, which shows a giant whale underneath a tiny boat!