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News Article

Will 'Piranha 3DD' Surface in Theaters?

Over the last few weeks, there have been rumors that Piranha 3DD would never see the dim insides of a theater. Apparently a British distribution company said that they would be releasing Piranha 3DD directly to home video, causing concern that the film would receive the same fate Stateside. This idea seemed ridiculous - why would a film shot specifically in 3D be relegated to the home video market, where most homes still are not equipped with 3D televisions? Director John Gulager puts our fears to rest.

In a statement made to Shock Till You Drop, Gulager says "The plan is to come to theaters this Spring in 3D(D)! The original November release date was made before we started filming. As Melton says, "…the Thanksgiving release was always overly optimistic." Ha, ha, that's a good way of putting it! The main problem was this thing called Winter. There was no way we could ask anyone to strip down and jump into the water. Besides being inhumane and stupid, even with ‘movie magic', it would be too dangerous. So we waited until it was warm enough to shoot but not so late that our main location became unavailable (open to the public) and started shooting in real 3D on April 25th, 2011."

So worry not, Piranha fans - the fishies will be swimming into theaters this Spring.

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