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News Article

Will You Survive the 'Zombocalypse'?

When I was a kid, there was a book series called Choose Your Own Adventure.  You were the "star" of the book, and you could make your own decisions as to where the story would go.  Do you want to take the cave route or the wild rapids route?  Do you want to fight the dragon, or run and hide?  It was good, fun stuff at a time when there weren't quite so many entertainment options for kids.  Now Choose Your Own Adventures are back, but they're definitely not for kids (well, maybe teens).

Chooseomatic Books has just released their first such book, and just in time for Halloween: Zombocalypse Now by Matt Youngmark. 

This zom-com takes you on a blind date with the undead (yet it still isn't your worst blind date, trust me).  Do you choose to stick it out or end the date early?  When more zombies come out of the woodwork, do you stick around and help slaughter them, or do you hit the bar?  Sounds like a fun little way to countdown to Halloween.