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Wrath of Killenstein Joins 'Brutal Legend' Lineup!


Horror-metal maniacs Wrath of Killenstein are the latest to join the growing ranks of heavy music elite to be featured on Electronic Arts highly anticipated game Brütal Legend, which hits stores on October 13th. You’ll be hearing a lot about these mutant musical monsters in the months to come… so hit that jump and get yourself prepared now!

The wild and weird New York quartet is the rabid creation of Killenstein – whose horror-heavy image includes elaborate promotional art and a Cenobite-influenced stage getup of shredded leather, chains and a barbed-wire crown – and features drumming by industrial veteran John 'Servo' DeSalvo (of KMFDM, Bile, 16Volt and Chemlab).

The band announced today that the single Igniisis Dance from their self-titled debut album will be one of the hundred-plus songs featured on the metal-themed video game, which stars the voice of Jack Black as roadie-turned-warrior Eddie Riggs, who battles demonic hordes with righteous rockin’ weaponry.

"It is a tremendous honor to have my music included with and featured alongside the greatest heavy metal bands ever," Killenstein said in today's press release.

Killenstein's got a packed schedule ahead - their second studio album St. 7000 is currently in the works, tentatively slated for release next spring; the video for first single Ugly will go into production soon, and the band is also wrapping up work on a series of graphic novels.

|The band kicks off a new tour next month, so be sure to check out their official MySpace for dates and venues, and be sure to take a listen to Igniisis Dance while you’re there.