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'XCOM' Returns to its Roots with 'Enemy Unknown'

Diehard strategy fans may have balked at 2K Marin's upcoming take on their beloved XCOM, which sees 1960's G-Men facing off against abstract extraterrestrials in an FPS, but the news coming from 2K should have them singing in the streets.  Not only is XCOM going back to its strategy roots with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but it's returning to its roots with the help of a very well known company.  More from G4 after the break.

XCOM was first known in the early 90's (the days of DOS, as evidenced by the above screenshot from the second game Terror from the Deep) as a turn-based strategy title that pitted the eponymous XCOM group against various troublemaking extraterrestrials.  This model is being dug up and polished by none other than the strategy masters at Firaxis Games, who PC gamers will recognize as the folks behind the Civilization series.  Game Informer promises the full scoop in their next issue, bringing more details to this interesting parallel take on the XCOM universe.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be released this fall for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.