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News Article

You Probably Shouldn't Watch This 'V/H/S' Clip


You know it's a good mail day when a huge box is delivered to your door containing a used VCR (but no cables, really?) and an unmarked VHS tape. It's an obvious but clever promotion for Magnolia Pictures upcoming found footage anthology horror flick V/H/S. We're not even sure we should be showing this to you so check out our bootlegged clip from V/H/S along with some pics of the unboxing while you can.


When a group of misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for. V/H/S offers up genre fans a new spin on the anthology and found footage formats with segments from filmmakers Ti West, Adam Wingard, Glenn McQuaid, David Bruckner, Radio Silence, and Joe Swanberg.

V/H/S will be available On Demand 8/30 with a theatrical run beginning October 5th.