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You're Gonna Love This Super Low-Budget Remake of 'The Thing'


The Thing sweded

I've always been a firm believer that practical effects, even when done poorly, are far better than CGI.  There's just something about knowing that what you're watching was created by human beings, rather than computers, that's incredibly special, which is probably why so many horror fans agree that CGI has really put a hurting on the overall appeal of our beloved genre.

When it comes to practical effects, there's no movie that did it better than John Carpenter's The Thing, which is still decades later one of the most impressive effects spectacles any of us have ever and will ever get the pleasure of experiencing.  But what if a master like Rob Bottin wasn't in charge of the effects for the film?  What if the budget simply didn't allow for things like elaborate prosthetics?  Well, as the video you're about to see proves, my statement about practical effects being awesome, even at their worst, rings quite true.

One of the most iconic scenes from The Thing gets 'sweded' in this smile-inducing video, a term that essentially describes the low-budget DIY recreation of a big screen movie moment.  Dig practical effects as much as I do?  Then you are absolutely going to love this video, which was brought to our attention by Bloody Disgusting!