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News Article

Zombie's 'Hellbilly 2' Box Set Details Revealed

Rob Zombie has unveiled the makings of a pretty sweet-looking deluxe edition of his upcoming album Hellbilly Deluxe 2 on his official site. The album itself is slated for release on February 2nd, but preorders for this short-run package are open now. Rob is of the opinion that the era of the CD is nearly over, so he’s decided to give this one a proper send-off… venture below the fold and discover what evil forms repose within this little coffin-box!

Rob posted the details of the limited-edition Hellbilly 2 set at his online shop, with images of the contents – which include a t-shirt, belt buckle and bandana – and the coffin-shaped box shown here. These items, as well as the accompanying booklet, feature new original art from genre talents like Nocturnals comic creator Dan Brereton, animator David Hartman and DC comics artist Alex Horley. This influx of talent – and the coffin motif itself – is apparently Rob’s symbolic way of marking the imminent demise of CDs as the preferred music medium.

The retail value for the limited edition set is estimated at $100, but the preorder price is currently $60. They’re going fast, so check it out soon!