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Zombies Invade NYC in Frightening 'Walking Dead' Viral Prank


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If we learned anything from Devil's Due, it's that a really clever viral marketing campaign is all it takes to get the internet buzzing about whatever it is you're trying to get them buzzing about. The brilliant bit of marketing for the film saw an animatronic demon baby set loose on the streets of New York City, which is the absolute perfect place to get the attention of a whole lot of people. The folks over at AMC understand this, and took a page out of the Devil's Due playbook this week, with yet another epic scare prank that's sure to be spread faster than the zombie infection itself.

This Sunday night is of course the return of The Walking Dead, kicking off the second half of its fourth season at 9/8c. In promotion for the big return, AMC had a bunch of fans made up as zombies, and then placed them under a sidewalk grate in a busy portion of the city. We're always warned to be careful when walking over grates, so that we don't drop our belongings down them, but losing a set of keys was the least of the worries of the unlucky New Yorkers who fell victim to this terrifying scare prank.

Check out their hilarious reactions below!

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