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Zombify Your Xmas - Stockings


I love the idea of stocking stuffers. Raised in a Jewish home, I never got my own stocking, but as an adult, I love to buy little stocking stuffer gifts. It wasn't until recently that I discovered that stockings don't have to be covered with cutesy snowmen and Santas. They can be covered with zombies, blood, and fangs. Some of my favorites...

This stocking is traditional enough to keep family members calm, yet still satiate your desire for braaaaaaains

$7 at Etsy

"Dear Santa, Please fill with Tru Blood." It always helps to ask nicely.

$20 at Etsy

Maybe you should stuff this bloody stocking in the Tru Blood stocking.

$10 at Etsy

This one is a little pricey for a Christmas stocking, but it should scare away potential gift-thieves. Just hope it doesn't scare away gift-givers.

$50 at Etsy

Hand-knit Friday the 13th Jason Christmas stocking. This is one of those things that is too cool to just use for Christmas.

$30 at Etsy