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Zombify Your Xmas - Tree Ornaments


The centerpiece of any Christmas celebration is the tree. Some people put on a random collection of cutesy ornaments; others use keepsakes and kids art projects. Some people keep it simple with color-coordinated balls. Still others zombify their tree. Here are some of our top picks for zombie ornaments.

The perfect nuclear family: mom, dad, teen, baby, dog, and cat. All as zombies. The gingerbread zombie family is also available as individual ornaments.

$53.73 at Neatoshop

I suppose a toe is a zombie's version of mistletoe.

$9.95 at Neatoshop

A more subtle zombie theme with great alliteration: Blood, Bullets, Brains, Biohazard.

$18.00 at Etsy

Zombie elf

$17 at Etsy

Zombie snowman. Stilly trying to figure out the physics of this one, but I like it!

$14.95 at Neatoshop

Probably don't want to eat these zombie candy canes.

$9.95 at Neatoshop