Army of the Universe: 'Mother Ignorance' - CD Review


A couple of weeks ago we clued you in on the smooth, sinister sounds of Italian industrial rockers Army of the Universe and the impending arrival of their first full-length album Mother Ignorance – including a peek at their chilling, sexually-charged debut video for the single "Lovedead." The record's out now, it's pretty damn tasty, and we've got a mini-review on the flipside... so check it out!

Founded by world-renowned DJ Trebla (aka Albert Vorne), with vocals by Lord K and guitars by Davil, Army of the Universe hooked up with legendary producer and Nine Inch Nails alumnus Richard Vrenna to call up their own brand of "electro-rock on top of twisted electronic landscapes." The result is a smooth but spicy blend of old school EBM-style electronics, hard-rock guitars and urgent vocals that's strangely menacing but irresistibly seductive.

Trebla's synth creations would work fairly well on their own as straight-up club tracks, but here they're the power core of a more organic machine; you almost never get the sense that the guitars and vocals are grafted onto the electronics. Davil's riffs serve more than just adding grit and fire to the rhythms and industrial noise – they're also packed with heavy hooks that link up well with Lord K's '80s style alt-pop vocals.

"Lovedead," which already scored big in clubs around the world, captures most of the sound on this album, but the band also take a lot of snap-turns into louder, heavier and sometimes even pop-flavored territory. "Retarded" has a heavy '90s-era industrial vibe that makes it one of the most memorable pieces, "Hollywood Drama" has a wild & dirty guitar groove, "8 Flowers" serves up a hard techno feast that demonstrates Trebla's skill with floor-shaking bass, and "Dust in the Universe" is pure early KMFDM destructo-beat.

Mother Ignorance is a solid win for fans of cyber-rock and darker-edged electro-pop, and one of the year's most compelling dance-oriented albums, so it's definitely worth checking out... expect some cool things from this trio in the future.

Oh yeah, in case you missed the "Lovedead" video last time, here's a repost, because it's just too wicked to miss.