'In the Beginning' - 'Dexter' Episode 5.10


Dexter Episode 5.10
"In the Beginning"
Written By: Scott Reynolds
Directed By: Keith Gordon
Original Airdate: 28 November 2010

In This Episode...

Dexter is preparing for the worst. He sends Harrison with Sonia to Orlando, and moves Lumen into his apartment. They start by speaking to Emily, the first victim. She claims not to know the men, but her face shows fear when Lumen shows her the old photo of the barrel club.

Following up on the new DNA evidence, Deb and Quinn go to collect Cole Harmon for questioning, only to find he has been missing for two weeks and Jordan didn't report it. A search warrant is no problem at that point. Dexter is called in to examine blood on the baseboard (Cole's) but the blood is forgotten when Quinn makes a far more disturbing discovery: 13 DVDs that show every moment of torture meted out to the girls.

Things turn dark from that point, even for Dexter. Deb is traumatized. Despite all he has seen and done, Dexter is truly disturbed by the videos. But he has to get back to work, and get disc number 13 before Deb sees it contains Lumen. He swaps it out with a blank DVD, labeled 13 and scratched up so it is unsuspiciously damaged. Dex gives it to Lumen to do with what she will. He assures her that the police didn't see it and he only watched enough to make sure he had the right disc. Lumen breaks down, grateful for Dexter getting her through it. Their relationship shifts at this point. Later in the evening, Lumen finally gets up the nerve to watch that DVD. In his bedroom, Dexter hears the sounds of torture and is truly upset by it.

The next day, while Dexter is at work, Lumen pays Emily a visit. She has a few moments of her DVD on her phone, and uses it to gain Emily's trust. Inside, Emily shares her story: she was a counselor-in-training at summer camp, a year older than Jordan and his friends. Back then, Jordan was a fat kid whose real name was Eugene Greer. He and Emily were friends. They went for a walk, and she blacked out. She must have been drugged, because when she woke up, she was naked and tied to a bunk. Eugene never touched her, but was the ringleader, egging on his buddies to take turns raping her. She IDs the last guy in the photo, a banker named Alex Tilden.

Lumen shares this new info with Dexter, and is determined to kill Alex. She is ready. They go do recon on Alex's house, and discover a box of jewelry: 13 pieces, one of which was Lumen's. Proof secured, they select a kill room, and plan their return. Meanwhile, Jordan is plotting his own revenge. He shows up at Miami metro and offers a DNA swab to clear his name once and for all, and shares veiled threats and secret looks with Dexter. Knowing that Alex is next, he plots the setup: he tells Alex to chill out and go home as normal - fleeing the state would be suspicious. He follows Dex and waits for him to break into Alex's house. Jordan calls the police and tells Deb that he got a strange call from Alex, who was looking for Cole. He intimated that Alex was on the run, so Quinn and Deb mobilize.

Lumen surprises Alex with her torture video, and Dexter drugs him. He wakes on the kill table as Deb and Quinn enter - but it is the wrong house. Dexter took Alex to the empty house for sale next door. Alex blames everything on Jordan, saying he was the mastermind. He bargains with them, but Lumen doesn't care. She has the honor of killing him. Back at the apartment, Lumen is in what can only be described as calm shock. She takes Dexter's shirt off. He is motionless, waiting with baited breath. She kisses him, and after a few moments, he kisses back and the two fall into bed together.

Also: Deb starts to put together a vigilante theory, and frankly, she isn't too upset about it. When she and Quinn discover a partial female footprint outside of Alex's house, Deb puts it together with the incongruous 12-locks-of-hair, 13-DVDs and decides that the vigilante may have been victim number 13. Liddy forges Quinn's signature in order to check out some surveillance equipment, and catches Lumen and Dexter practicing her stabbing motion. We discover that Jordan and Emily are still in close contact - he has a Svengali-like hold over her.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was a particularly dark episode tonight. I always find Dexter to have a certain lightness about it, despite the subject matter. Maybe it is just the bright "Miami" sunshine. But this episode had me edgy. It's a claustrophobic feeling, as all paths start to close in on Dex, more so than ever before. Another reason could likely be because Dexter is showing far more emotion than he has in the previous four seasons combined. His pain over Rita's murder was real; he is shocked over the DVDs of torture; and there is true peace on his face when Lumen ends up in his arms.

Let's face it: we all knew the Dexter/Lumen hookup was inevitable. I was worried about it, but I think they did a good job. It wasn't like a rebound thing. Their relationship developed slowly, naturally over the course of the season, and peaked at a logical place. I've got to admit, the fact that Dexter now has someone who truly sees him for who he is, is quite romantic. And you all know by now I am anti-romance. But this is sweet.

Jordan himself as this season's "big bad" is, frankly, not a great villain. The rape club as a whole is a better villain, but most of them are dispensed with quickly. I personally think the "villain" this season is the suffocating situation that Dexter finds himself in.

Body Bags

Tonight was a big night: Lumen's first kill. Dexter gave her her very own gloves to match his, like he was giving an old friend a Christmas gift. She got her own kill suit and I swear Dex popped wood when he saw her. When the big moment arrives, Lumen does not hesitate. She climbs up on the kill table, kneeling next to Alex to get the right angle, and drives the knife through his heart. She is quiet and calm, but the emotion is intense.

Flashback to the Future

Harry doesn't appear in tonight's episode, but his wisdom does. As Dex and Lumen are post-coital, he muses to himself that Harry was molding dex into the image of the monster he thought his son was; to flee human connection so no one saw his "dark passenger." But with Lumen, he is not a monster. And he is deeply at peace.


Liddy is getting more and more dangerous and unpredictable. I am dying to see what is going on with Emily and Jordan. I suspect that it is merely the Svengali thing, but I want there to be a deeper, uglier story there. Next week is the second-to-last episode, so Jordan won't be killed, and frankly, I am not sure he will be killed. Seems too neat.