Cinema Bizarre: 'Love Songs' EP


A couple months back, we told you about German electro-glam sensation Cinema Bizarre, their meteoric rise to European fame, and their new EP hitting the shelves of Hot Topic stores in the US. It turns out that was just the first phase of their cross-Atlantic invasion, because already the band is on the road in North America, supporting Lady Gaga on her spring “Fame Ball” tour. Take a peek below the fold for a mini-review of the new EP!

Comprised of hit single “Love Songs (They Kill Me)” from their 2008 album Final Attraction, and the never-before-released “Escape to the Stars (Rough Edge Mix),” the EP is a short, sweet dose of moody Goth-pop that packs enough hooky mainstream appeal to snag the ears of young dark-side dabblers.

“Love Songs” is driven by a power-pop synth/guitar rhythm reminiscent of The Birthday Massacre, but with an urgent lead vocal that slides from smooth tenor to falsetto. It's an odd but appealing blend that is by turns warm, gentle and eerily distant. “Escape” has a bigger, bolder sound, with stacks of down-tuned guitars and vast synth strings... imagine a tragic ballad in the vein of HIM, but with a less smoke-infused vocal approach than Ville Valo. I actually preferred it to “Love Songs,” thanks to a better hook and a much darker vibe.

Think of this as a light appetizer – nothing too filling, but enough to whet the appetite before Cinema Bizarre's upcoming full-length album ToyZ, which is set for a stateside debut later this year from Cherrytree Records. We'll listen for the buzz and keep you posted!