'Circle Us' - 'Dexter' Episode 5.7


Dexter Episode 5.7
“Circle Us”
Written By: Scott Buck
Directed By: John Dahl
Original Airdate: 7 November 2010

In This Episode...

Two down, two to go.  Lumen can only identify one man by the ticking of his watch.  The other one, Suit Guy, she would recognize.  He took off her blindfold to rape her, believing she would be dead soon.  He would always remove his suit jacket and fold it neatly before attacking her.

In the middle of the night, Suit Guy drives a truckload of day laborers out to the swamp to collect the dumped barrels.  As he is driving through town on deserted streets, five barrels in his truck bed, he is T-boned by a drunk driver.  The whole of homicide is called out to the scene, overwhelmed by the circumstances.  The drunk driver survives and is arrested.  Suit Guy survives and disappears from the scene.  After running the truck’s registration, Deb finds out it is registered to Jordan Chase’s company - the motivational speaker Boyd was obsessed with.  Jordan Chase comes into the station with his head of security, Cole.  Cole is Suit Guy.  Cole surmises that one of the company’s many employees may have taken the keys to the company truck.  Chase promises his full cooperation with the investigation as long as his name is kept out of the press. 

The evidence collected from the truck leads conclusively to Cole.  Dexter tries - weakly - to convince Lumen that Cole will go to prison and likely be executed, but Lumen won’t feel satisfied if his death is not carried out by her hand.  Dexter can’t blame her, and they set about pointing the police trail off Cole... and on to Boyd.  At Boyd’s house, they remove every bit of evidence that Lumen was ever there.  Dexter plants Boyd’s wallet in the truck (now housed in the evidence garage).  When the police follow up on the new lead, Boyd becomes their number one suspect.  They bring Cole and Chase back in for questioning, and Cole says Boyd was a “crazy stalker” of Jordan’s.  Back in the car, Chase congratulates Cole for throwing the cops off their scent, and Cole admits he didn’t do it.

With the cops hunting down Boyd, Dexter and Lumen stakeout Cole’s house.  Inside, Dexter discovers a photo showing that Cole, Jordan, Boyd, and Dan the Dentist were all childhood friends.  Cole comes home and attacks Dexter.  Luckily for him, Lumen wasn’t content to wait in the car, and knocks Cole over the head.  An alarm sounds, and the two run.

Meanwhile, the Santa Muerte case has gone from bad to worse.  The cops return to the club, using Yasmine as bait to lure out the Fuentes brothers.  The brothers are already at the club when they arrive.  Laguerta makes a bad call, sending officer Manzone to flirt.  She is made, and gunfire breaks out.  At the end of the night, Yasmine is dead, Carlos Fuentes is dead, three bystanders are injured, and the chief is furious.

Also: Quinn is starting to get pissed that Deb wants to keep their relationship a secret.  Lumen is living in Dexter’s house - now off the market - and Liddy reports this to Quinn.  Quinn becomes suspicious that Dexter is somehow involved with the barrel murders.  By the end of the episode, Dexter is being slightly less lone wolf-ish towards Lumen.  He even brings Harrison over to meet her, and her eyes just light up when she plays with the baby.

Dig It or Bury It?

A slightly slower paced episode compared to last week, but this one was packed with juicy information.  I think Jordan Chase is going to be a fun bad guy, mainly because I hate motivational speakers like that and assume they are all hiding dark, evil secrets.  I worry that Dexter and Lumen’s relationship will devolve into a romantic one, though I have heard it won’t.  I choose to believe it.  I am ready for the Santa Muerte case to be resolved - it is just getting boring.  Similarly, I am ready to see where the producers are taking this “Quinn knows Dexter’s secret” plot line.  Shit or get off the pot guys.

I miss John Lithgow.


“Shit a brick and fuck me with it.” - Deb, after discovering that the Pickup Truck of Death is registered to a semi-celebrity.

Body Bags

There were the five girls in the barrels, and Yasmine at the club, but no deaths with the usual Dexter panache. 

Flashback to the Future

This is the second episode in a row that Harry has not been in. 


Something tells me that waiting for the perfect moment to kill Cole will complicate Dexter’s life tremendously.  He has a bad habit of allowing his Dark Passenger’s judgement to triumph over his own.