'Concentrate and Ask Again' - 'Fringe' Episode 3.12

Fringe Episode 3.12
"Concentrate and Ask Again"
Written By: Graham Roland and Matthew Pitts
Directed By: Dennis Smith
Original Airdate: 4 February 2011

In This Episode...

The Fringe team is called in to investigate a biological attack that left a man devoid of bones - as if they just disintegrated. They pay a visit to their prime suspect, a former Marine who quit to work with a private military contractor on biological warfare. The men who worked on Project Jellyfish - creating a powder that disintegrates bones - were inoculated against the toxin, but they passed it on to their unborn children, who then died in the womb. The suspect runs, Peter gives chase, and the guy gets hit by a car and ends up in a coma. Evidence of more attacks sends Walter looking for a young man who was part of - but never finished - the cortexaphan trials. One of the side effects of the drug on young Simon was the ability to read minds, and Walter hopes that the comatose Marine has enough brain activity to be read. Simon has sequestered himself in a remote cabin because he can no longer control the voices, but is relieved to discover that, because Olivia was part of the same trial, he cannot read her thoughts.

The information that Simon pulls out of the Marine's head leads them to a warehouse out in the country, evidence of practice attacks, two more suspects, and forthcoming targets. Liv and Simon sneak into a black tie fundraiser, where the two suspects are planning on taking out the senator that approved Project Jellyfish. The team does not know who the suspects could be, so they are relying on Simon to read their thoughts and identify them. He does so, and Olivia takes them out with her silencer-equipped gun.

Sensing the tension between Liv and Peter, Simon reads Peter's mind and writes down what he finds for Olivia. "He still has feelings for her." Before that, it seemed Olivia was getting ready to give Peter another try. Unfortunately, Nina has pieced together some clues from The First Human volumes. It leads her to the bowling alley guy - he wrote the books - and he boils it down for Nina: Peter's frequency with the "doomsday" machine can be used either to create or destroy. He will save the universe of the Olivia he chooses.

Dig It or Bury It?

Loved this episode. It was well paced, well plotted, and hinted at answers to overlying questions, even while raising more questions. I assume Simon's telepathy will come up in future episodes, because otherwise it feels lazy to bring him in on case that could have otherwise been solved with police work. I will admit that I would have liked more puddle people and less Simon-trauma, but it was a mild desire, mainly because I like mutations more than I like feelings.

Walter Babble

Walter takes the car out to New Hampshire, looking for Simon. He doesn't pay attention, and runs out of gas, necessitating a very strange and rambling call to Peter. When he and Liv get down there to rescue Walter, Walter is totally oblivious to the danger he could have put himself in; instead he tags Peter into an excited game of "Punch Buggy."


Puddle people, whose bones just disappear - put it like that, it sounds pretty unlikely. But when you say it is a toxin that specifically attacks bone matter, causing it to disintegrate... I'd buy that.


We go back to the red universe next week, where giant bugs are eating people from the inside out. Sounds fun!