DLC Review: Skarlet for 'Mortal Kombat'


As we reported earlier in the week, WB Games and Netherrealm Studios will be releasing new Kombatants for their flesh-flaying fighter Mortal Kombat over the course of the summer.  The first of these new characters is Skarlet, a bloody addition to the roster of female ninjas.  Is she worth the five bucks that they're asking?  Find out after the break.

Skarlet's story runs in a similar vein to Ermac's: another mystical attempt by Shao Kahn to create the ultimate warrior using the scraps of the battlefield and stitching them together with black magic.  Unlike Ermac's swarms of souls, however, Skarlet is comprised completely of the blood…keep the obvious menstruation jokes to yourselves, please.

Similar to the three female ninjas already available (Jade, Mileena, and Kitana), Skarlet is a character based more on speed than on brutal strikes.  Aesthetically, she's a hell of a lot of fun to watch, eclipsing even Mileena's slavering psychosis with her blood-fueled frenzy.  Compounding that is a healthy repertoire of Smoke-style teleportation, which makes her both formidable and fun to play as.

Her fatalities are exceptionally nasty as well, centered almost completely on bloodletting. Her main fatality sees her slicing her opponent's throat straight down to the spine and bathing in the resulting arterial spray, fitting in nicely with Mortal Kombat's new-school blend of cartoonish violence and grim brutality.

At the end of the day, the question still remains: is she worth five bucks?  Well, if you've already mastered Mortal Kombat's initial 32-fighter roster, Skarlet gives just enough variety to be a fresh option, while remaining familiar enough for seasoned players to jump right in.

Skarlet is available for download from Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points or Playstation Network for $4.99.  In addition, players can purchase a Season Pass from Xbox Live that will give them Skarlet, as well as three other Kombatants as they release, for 1200 Microsoft Points.