'Dog Eat Dog' - 'Being Human' Episode 1.10


Being Human Episode 1.10

"Dog Eat Dog"

Written By: Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke

Directed By: Paolo Barzman

Original Airdate: 22 March 2011

In This Episode...

Josh is husking corn on the stoop with Sally, getting ready for a BBQ date with Nora.  He goes to throw the husks away, but tire squeals draw Sally's attention.  Josh is gone.  He comes to in a cage in a basement.  An older gentleman, Douglas, is there.  He explains, with a weary sigh, that Josh has been captured by vampires and will be an unwilling partner in tonight's werewolf fight.  Sound familiar (*cough* True Blood *cough*)?  Vamps flock every month to see the wolf fights (sponsored by Michael Vick!).  It is a fight to death, and the "winner" gets to live in captivity until the next full moon and do it all over.  Douglas has been there for more than a decade.

Aidan tries to share his grief about Bernie with Rebecca, but she is too consumed with anger to be civil to him.  Aidan has worse things to worry about.  He has to help Bishop prepare for the arrival of "the Dutch."  The Dutch are four elder vampires, over one thousand years old, who live with the Amish in Pennsylvania Dutch country because it is the closest they can come to an "orthodox" lifestyle (whatever that means).  They each sleep in ancient coffins (presumably filled with the earth of their motherland) and ship out to Boston once every 50 years to check up on things.  

On the list of scheduled events for the elders is the werewolf fight.  Aidan is shocked to see Josh brought out as one of the fighters, but masks it quickly.  Josh is hurt and angry when Aidan says nothing.  Later, Aidan is tearing apart his bedroom, desperately looking for a key to the funeral home, and he tells Sally what is going on.  Despite Aidan's protests, Sally poofs over to check on Josh.  She refuses to believe that Aidan would just let this happen, but he doesn't have a plan and seems to have given up.  As the fight draws near, Sally pleas with him one more time to stand up for Josh, and fight for the life he claims he wants.  So he does the only thing he knows to do: he offers himself back to Bishop, back to his little vampire family (again, not really sure what that entails).  In return, Josh must be allowed to go free.  Bishop agrees, and announces that the other werewolf is sick - so we will all just enjoy this one's transformation.  Josh is strapped naked to a wooden chair and goes through his transformation.  But a couple of henchmen lead out the opposing werewolf, already shifted, and the two fight.  Naturally, Josh wins, but is haunted by the fact that he killed a man.  Yet he holds no anger towards Aidan.  Just sadness that Aidan will become Bishop's lackey.  He rejoins Bishop, who is showing the elders a good time in town.  Bishop believes they have come here to kill him.

Throughout the episode, we get flashbacks to the last time the elders were in town, 50 years ago.  Aidan looked and acted like a poor man's James Dean, while Bishop was the sensitive one who was in love with a human.  The elders were there to kill the funeral home owner, who was in charge of the Boston vampires.  They offered the job to Bishop, but only if he killed his mortal sweetheart.  He refuses at first, which angers Aidan and makes him renounce Bishop as his maker.  Bishop killed Aidan's family and promised they would "celebrate their immortality," but this just wasn't it.  Bishop finally relents, and kills his girlfriend. 

Dig It or Bury It?

This is the best episode so far this season.  Finally, Bishop has a purpose.  I am still a little vague on what it means exactly for Aidan to "rejoin" them.  Does he have to drink live blood?  Help them turn the population into vampires?  Help run the funeral home?  I don't know, but those elders are bad-ass.  I also really liked the way that Sally, Aidan, and Josh's storylines were all interwoven.  It wasn't three separate plots brought together with requisite "let me fill you in on my life" scenes.  The three stars have a great chemistry so it is great watching them actually get to be in scenes together.

One thing that really bugged me: Aidan did not want Sally to go see Josh because of some kind of protective instinct.  She's dead - what kind of trouble could she possibly get into?

Bloody Hell

Those elders are vicious.  Despite being shot in black and white, you can see the crimson blood fly as the elders devour the former Boston vampire leader.  They tear out his throat savagely, and after a few minutes of bleeding out, the vampire just explodes into dust.  I miss the days of dusting vampires.

We got to see Josh go full-wolf for the first time this episode.  I was disappointed that we didn't get to see a full werewolf-on-werewolf fight - just the first few seconds where the beasts clash - but it seems that as the season progresses, the show is getting bigger budgets.  Next season, I am anticipating some good beast fights.

Jolly Good Fun

It was not a particularly funny episode, but I was amused watching the elder vampires look in wonder at a SmartCar.


Nora is pregnant (though there are some indications that it is just Josh's nightmare).  Danny hires a "specialist" to exorcise Sally's spirit (I am hoping for some good debunking fun there), and the elders wants Bishop to live underground with them.