Dread Central - 'Sector 7' Movie Review


If Sector 7 were a Syfy original movie, I’d be praising the film for its above average special effects (by Syfy standards, not big screen standards by which it still falls short) and bemoaning that they were wasted on such an unimaginative monster movie. But Sector 7 isn’t a Syfy movie. It’s a big budget South Korean blockbuster touted as that country’s first ever homegrown 3D and IMAX production. That it was produced by the same outfit behind The Host makes it all the more disappointing. Take all the rich family dynamics, the sympathetic heroine, the quirky comedy, the unique monster, the thrilling creature attack scenes, and pretty much everything else that made The Host special and replace it with the most generic Alien riff imaginable about a deep-sea monster loose on an oil rig that can only be stopped by a tough chick on a motorcycle, and this is what you get.


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