'Exile on Main St.' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.1


Supernatural Episode 6.1
“Exile on Main St.”
Written By: Sera Gamble
Directed By: Phil Sgrricia
Original Airdate: 24 September 2010

In This Episode...
Dean is living a “normal” life. He has a family.  He makes breakfast, goes to a normal job, works on the car with Ben.  But these images of normalcy are juxtaposed with scenes of hunting and, more importantly, Sam.  Dean hasn’t completely given up his old life.  He keeps a gun and holy water beneath the bed; his hunting kit in the garage; a protection symbol under the rug at the front door.

One night, after leaving a bar with his next door neighbor, Dean hears a woman scream.  He investigates, but finds nothing but enormous claw marks and some smudges of blood.  He follows more claw marks the next day, but it leads him to nothing more than a Yorkie... and some sulfur.  He goes home and preps his hunting kit, sending Lisa and Ben to the movies while he does one, final, OCD sweep.  Yellow-eyed daddy attacks Dean, who is saved... by Sam.

Sam has no idea how he was freed from his cage, but here he is.  Also back from the dead is the boys’ grandfather, Samuel.  They have a small posse with them, consisting of three distant cousins from their mother’s side of the family.  The attack in the garage was not real.  He had been poisoned by a Jyn.  Luckily grandpa had an antidote.  The Jyns are there to nab the Winchester boys, who separate from their distant family to lure the Jyns out of hiding.  Instead, the Jyns separate the brothers by killing the neighbors.  Dean races over there, and he himself is poisoned again.  Heinous hallucinations plague Dean: Yellow-Eyes threatening Ben, Lisa climbing the walls and bursting into flames... your usual Tuesday visions.

Back at the house, Sam is battling Jyns.  Gramps intervenes and sends Sam next door to help his brother.  He then tells the rest of his brood to put the captured Jyn in the van “before the boys come back.”  Sam gives Dean the antidote, and everything quiets down.  Sam packs up to leave, and is surprised that Dean does not want to come with.  He wants to remain with Lisa and Ben.  By showing up at their doorstep, he has endangered them; this way he can at least protect them.  Besides, I think he likes the normality.

Dig It or Bury It?

Though this episode was not particularly humorous or raucous or violent, it was a great way to come back to the show.  I was really pleased to see Dean take a stand and choose not to be sucked back into the hunting life.  Of course, you know he will be, but at least he is trying.  I found the pacing a bit awkward.  There was one big action scene, and it ended abruptly.  It was almost like the fight was thrown in out of necessity to formula.  The whole “I don’t know how I got back, but I did” thing really bothers me, but I am sure it will be a major plot point later on.  Maybe Sam isn’t completely himself.  I am also intrigued to see where this “creepy kin” storyline is going.

Sibling Rivalry

When Dean sees Sam for the first time in a year, he is genuinely speechless, and clutches his brother tightly.  That emotion is short-lived when Sam admits he has been back from Hell for nearly a year, and he didn’t even try to make contact with Dean.  Even worse was that Bobby knew Sam was back and kept it a secret too.  Dean is furious, hurt, betrayed - but Sam insists he did it to protect Sam.

Blood Brothers

About as bloody as it gets is when Sam slits open his arm to prove to Dean that he is human.

Spooky Humor

Again, this was an “emotional” episode, not a “funny episode.”  I did like that when Yellow-Eyes showed up, he announced himself to Dean by saying “Look what the apocalypse shook loose!”


Next week, Sam begs Dean to help with a case.  A woman has been killed and her baby kidnapped.  But that baby is a monster, which, my husband pointed out, will just reaffirm all the fears I have held about children.