'Family Plot' - 'Face Off' Episode 1.7


Face Off Episode 1.7

"Family Plot"

Original Airdate: 9 March 2011

In This Episode...

The remaining five contestants have to create a prosthetic makeup effect on themselves, one that was good enough to fool a loved one.  The ruse would be that the contestants, each in turn, would be wig shop employees. When their family member came in (under the pretense that they were buying a wig for the next competition), they had to wait on them and not be discovered.

The Creations

Sam: Sam had to fool her husband.  She did this by making herself a man, complete with stringy, receding hairline and adam's apple.  I did notice that she did not use any prosthetics on her hand, which should have been a dead giveaway.

Gage: Gage got ambitious, and fooled his boyfriend by turning himself into an overweight black woman.  Frankly, I thought his makeup was poorly done - the coloring was blotchy and the prosthetic looked like it was sliding off his face.  The judges, however, were impressed by his audacity.

Megan: Megan decided to model her prosthetic after one of the models.  Unfortunately, it failed miserably, so she scrapped the prosthetic and instead went with beauty makeup and a pregnant belly to fool her mom.  While mom said she had no idea, the judges feel like she did know it was Megan.

Conor: Conor subscribed to the theory of less is more.  The only appliance he made for himself was some fake teeth; everything else was makeup, hair, and wig.  It was enough to fool his sister.

Tate: Tate made himself into someone his girlfriend hates the most: a creepy goth, complete with bad skin, greasy hair, piercings, and a fat belly hanging from his t-shirt.  It was so over the top it was hard to believe his girlfriend didn't figure it out.

The Verdict

Gage made it to the top two (which still flummoxed me) but it was Sam who won.  She did not get to consult on who was to go home.  The judges didn't even need to discuss - it was obvious that Megan had to go.

Dig It or Bury It?

I did not, in fact, dig this episode - and not just because it wasn't a cool creature feature.  The challenge was stupid.  Of course these family members would not recognize heavily made-up loved ones - they have no reason to think that it could be them.  The family members had to know that the contestants were wearing makeup, but they were just too polite to say anything.  It was like watching a bad Martin Lawrence movie.


The finale is next week.  The four finalists must create their own take on Grimm's Fairy Tales.