Fangoria Review - [REC] 3


This may not be what any serious fan of the so-far stellar [REC] series wants to hear, but the departure that is [REC] 3 is possibly the sweetest, most endearing film I’ve seen in quite some time; throat rips, chainsaws, gut munches and vicious possessed included. Pegged as a prequel (though that’s debatable, since it may have been going on concurrently), [REC] 3: GENESIS is very admittedly a shock to the system of anyone who’s acquainted with the previous films. The first two entries are tightly knit siblings. They’re perfect companions that craft a double feature to die for, but as the two directors split off to helm the subsequent sequels solo, audiences will come face to face with what seems to be an awkward cousin, or even the famous “red headed stepchild,” or perhaps even more appropriately, the one who just married into the family. But GENESIS is blood relative, and deserves to be loved.


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