Five Things to Look Forward to in 'Teen Wolf' Season Three



teen wolfWith every season, Teen Wolf proves that it is growing up, and season three is no exception. We’ve seen the first two episodes; here are some things to look forward to in the new season.

The big-bad this season is a pack of alphas.

Sounds pretty tame, right? Derek is an alpha; Scott is an alpha. They don’t seem too scary. Well, these new alphas that roll into town are have a plot, and have a special skill that I don’t want to ruin for you. You will find out in the first few minutes of the season, and it will make you say “WTF?”

When animals attack...

The wildlife in Beacon Hills is going nuts. A deer attacks Alison and Lydia’s car. Birds carpet-bomb the school. The dogs and cats at the animal hospital kill themselves violently. Lydia’s little purse-dog, Prada, bites her ankle. Are they scared of the alphas... or is there something else in Beacon Hills?

We meet more of Derek’s family.

Uncle Peter is back, but we also meet someone we haven’t met before...

The boys get naked. A lot.

And for no reason. I lost track of how many times, but in two episodes it was at least a dozen times. Interestingly enough, the girls don’t get naked at all.

Missing persons.

In last year’s disappointing season finale, the logical thing would have been for Jackson to die. He didn’t die, but he did leave the show a few months later. So rather than the thoroughly logical plan of just killing off Jackson, he spends his summer in London with Alison and Lydia and simply decides to stay.

Meanwhile, Derek is desperate to find Erica and Boyd. They have been missing for months and most everyone else has forgotten about them, but not Derek. We will find them in episode two,  but neither are unscathed.

Teen Wolf starts its third season on June 3rd on MTV.