'Fresh Blood': We Bite Into 'True Blood' 3.11


True Blood Episode 3.11
“Fresh Blood”
Written By: Nancy Oliver
Directed By: Daniel Minahan
Original Airdate: 29 August 2010

In This Episode...

Bill rushes to Fangtasia to save Sookie, but is waylaid by Pam and silver mace.  Instead, Yvetta the stripper - mad that Eric left every penny to Pam - helps Sookie and Bill escape.  In the car on the way home, they daydream about what they would do if their lives were “normal.”  Real life smacks them in the ass when Russell and Eric appear in the road and stop them in their tracks.  Prisoners again, the four return to Fangtasia.  Eric urges Bill to hit him and the two start vamp-fighting in the parking lot.  It 's all a ruse to get Russell and Sookie into the club so that Eric can tell Bill of his plan to save Sookie.  That plan is that both Russell and Eric will feed off Sookie - after stern warnings not to bleed her dry, for she is the last of her kind.  Eric will walk outside, show that he can walk in the daylight, and lure Russell out.  Russell falls for it, and when he joins Eric outside, he sees Eric’s skin smoking and blistering.  He handcuffs himself to Russell.  “Be brave.  We will burn together.”

Sam shows up at work blind raging drunk.  He insults the customers, he cusses out the waitstaff, he fires Tommy.  He kicks everyone out of the bar, but Tara - in a similarly foul mood after confronting Andy about about Eggs’s murder, but finding no closure - refuses to leave.  The two share tequila, which leads to them kissing, which leads to some angry fucking back at Sam’s place.  It appears that Tommy somehow set up Sam’s “mood” because as Sam and Tara are fucking, a small box with three green lights on it is in the foreground, and we cut to a brief scene of Tommy breaking in to a safe.

Having cut out of work early, Holly and Arlene head into the woods where Holly conducts a Wiccan ritual and tea concoction to force a miscarriage out of Arlene.  The next morning, Terry wakes to discover Arlene in a pool of blood.  She is serene and he is distraught - until the doctor announces that the baby is fine and healthy.

It turns out that Crystal isn’t a shapeshifter; she is a were-panther.  Jason can’t deal with this news and heads out to look for Sookie.  He has no luck, but does see Kitsch practicing at the football field.  He watches for a while, and after Kitsch tires out his teammates, Jason confronts him: “You’ve been using V.”  Kitsch isn’t scared of Jason’s veiled threats.  Jason heads home and apologizes to Crystal for freaking out.  She is thrilled, but insists that Jason go back with her to her family compound.  When the DEA raid it, she fears it could turn into another Waco.

Also: Jesus is desperate for more V, but Lafayette is spooked by visions of monsters and voodoo dolls coming after him.  Hoyt and Jessica are back together, and even after she tells him of the trucker she killed, Hoyt still loves her and has her drink from him.  A heartbroken Summer goes to Mrs. Fortenberry, apologizing for failing to get Hoyt away from Jessica.  Mrs. Fortenberry isn’t done meddling yet.

Dig It or Bury It?

True Blood has a tendency to blow their wad on the second-to-last episode of the season, rather than saving it up for the finale.  They broke with tradition this season.  Tonight’s episode, while enjoyable, was very even-toned.  There was a slow burn tonight; I can only hope it's building towards something special.

Tonight’s episode was a bit too slow.  There was too much focus on the more annoying storylines, like Arlene’s Damien-baby and Jason’s.... I don’t know what is going on with Jason.  Though I find her kind of annoying, I am really feeling worse and worse for Tara - she just cannot catch a fucking break.

Blood Count

Not a single death tonight.  Scarcely even a drop of blood.  As if to make up for that, they ran a “pre-mortem” if you will.  To coincide with tonight’s Emmy telecast, they ran a True Blood “In Memorium”: a montage of those who have succumbed to “true death” throughout the years.  It was a fun little package memorializing every death from Gran and Lorena to miscellaneous vampires and that nameless truck driver Jessica killed.

Ass Factor

I am getting the feeling that Sam has it written into his contract that he has to show his ass in every episode.  I’m certainly not complaining.  Tonight Sam was the only one who got naked, while throwing Tara around his trailer like a rag doll.


Tonight’s post-mortem had Alan Ball, and a couple writers/directors talking about their take on faeries in the True Blood universe.  Frankly, it was kind of boring - we see your take up there on the screen.  There was a lot of talk about how “This isn’t Tinkerbell’s fairyland,” but I could see Tinkerbell fitting in very well with Claudine and her posse.


The season finale is nigh!  It feels like this season went way too fast.  Eric is certainly not going to succumb to the true death.  Either Pam will risk her own life to save him, or Bill will manage to heal Sookie fast enough that she can get out there and save him.  I hope they save Russell; he's a great character.  Plus I really want to see him rip the spines out of more newscasters.