'Fringe' Season 3 Autopsy


"The Day We Died" was an incredibly satisfying season finale, the perfect ending to a compelling season. We got closure on the season three arc (the machine and the other universe), while at the same time opening up a world of possibilities for season four. So... about those possibilities. Where will season four go?

My husband and I debated on what The Observers meant when they said that Peter "never existed." I took them at their word, but my husband wonders if Peter's actions leading up to that point are still valid. Does baby Henry exist? If Walternate never had a son, does he still carry around so much anger?

Josh Jackson is under contract, so naturally he will be back in season four. I think Peter is going to exist on a plane or in a third universe where only The Observers can interact with him. Maybe Peter will go into "Observer training." Peter will be frustrated and desperate to find a way back into his world. I'm sure that The Observers have other things in mind for Peter, but I think that they underestimated the emotional connections Peter formed. After all, The Observers aren't exactly the most cuddly people ever. I think the two universes will work together, albeit begrudgingly. Someone is going to get disgruntled and start undermining the effort. Maybe someone spills to the public about this new "doorway" linking the two universes. Maybe someone cries "terrorist." 

Although I could see "The Day We Died" being a great series finale (with a few minor changes), I am so pleased Fringe got a last-minute pickup. The show has been picking up steam every season, and I can't wait to see what season four has in store for us. Hit me up in the comments - where do you think the show is going to go?