'A Funny Thing Happened...' - 'Being Human' Episode 1.13


Being Human Episode 1.13

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You"

Written By: Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke

Directed By: Adam Kane

Original Airdate: 11 April 2011

In This Episode...

Aidan is in bad shape on a gurney in the hospital basement.  Nora sets up a transfusion for him, but leaves when no one will explain what is going on.  Josh forces Sally to go home and go through her door, but by the time she gets there, her door is gone.  On the "upside," Sally is now able to interact more with earthly objects: turn the pages of the newspaper, hold a spoon, etc. Celine relieves Josh, who is keeping vigil at Aidan's bedside.  She is armed with a stake and knows about Bishop.  When Aidan regains consciousness she begs him to drink her - it is the only way he will regain his strength fast enough.  Aidan refuses, but when Celine is wheeling him out of the hospital so he can convalesce at home, they run into Bishop, and things change.  After explaining to Aidan why she didn't meet him at the train station, and telling him she would rather give her life to him then to cancer, he drains her dry.  I wonder if Aidan could taste the cancer in her blood.

Using threats, Bishop makes Josh deliver Aidan a message: tomorrow night, we rumble.  Aidan refuses to allow Sally or Josh to help - even though the fight will go down on the full moon and Sally is already dead - so the two come up with a plot to move the fight from an abandoned factory to the hospital basement.  Sally will lock Josh and Bishop in the cellar and let them fight it out.  But when the time comes, Sally double-crosses Josh, locking him in alone and going back to Aidan at the factory.  Aidan and Bishop battle.  They are evenly matched until Bishop throws Aidan from the second story.  When Bishop comes down to finish him, Sally reappears, clutching a stake.  Despite the fact that she is already dead, Bishop scares the stake from Sally's hand.  But the distraction was all Aidan needed to gain the upper hand and kill Bishop.

Back at the hospital, Josh is undergoing "the change."  Nora followed him down there after he left her a strange farewell letter.  He freaks when she appears while the change has begun, and forces her out.  Through the window, Nora watches him change, paralyzed in horror - until her fetus starts to change.  She doubles over in pain and discovers she is bleeding.  On the floor, Nora sees Josh - fully transformed - and they lock eyes.  The next day, at Nora's home, she is not scared.  She is curious and sympathetic - "All it took was one scratch?"  The intimation is that she lost the pregnancy, but the two finally seem ready to make a go at this relationship thing.  After Josh leaves, Nora rolls up her sleeve to examine a long claw scratch that Josh left when he forced her out of the basement.

Also: Through flashbacks, we see how Aidan and Josh met: Aidan rescued Josh from a beating at the hands of Marcus and another vampire thug.  He explained to Josh that he has been trying to "go clean" for decades and seeing the difficulty Josh was having made him realize it didn't have to be this way.  

Dig It or Bury It?

Big, huge dig.  This was a great episode.  A little heavy on the emotion, but done tastefully.  Some scenes - like the "last supper" before Josh and Aidan go off to their battles - were a little long-winded, but nothing was laughably sappy.   I have been frustrated by Josh not telling Nora about his "condition," but I have to say, the pay off was worth it.  I could not think of a better way for Nora to find out, and I don't think it could have happened any other way and still have Nora stick around.  And I like her.  The Nora/Josh storyline was really the most fascinating tonight.

If I can be nit-picky for a minute (and really, that is what the internet was invented for), the editor tried some weird freeze-frame techniques during the big battle between Aidan and Bishop.  I think he was going for style, but it was just awkward and ill-conceived.  I was too busy thinking "what the fuck is happening" to enjoy the fight.  Honestly, the fight choreography wasn't terribly impressive, but a fight is a fight.

Myths Revamped

So apparently werewolfism is transferred genetically, and I guess a fetal were-baby will change in the womb.  As for Sally's new interaction with physical objects, Aidan says she is now more "tied" to the earth - not solid, just more charged.  And the reason Aidan didn't die when Bishop staked him?  He missed the heart.  The slow healing was due to the fact that he hadn't dined on live blood in a long time.

Bloody Hell

The most memorable kill tonight was Aidan garroting Bishop.  You just don't see enough garroting these days.  

Jolly Good Fun

In flashback, Aidan helps Josh after Marcus and his goon beat him up.  He tells Josh that he is a nurse, and Josh chortles.  "You don't bat an eye that I am a vampire, but the nursing thing is weird?  Come on."  Honorable mention goes to the roomies joking about creating a team of supernatural krav maga crime fighters.


I know that the assumption is that Nora lost the fetus.  But that seems too easy.  Especially because I am fairly certain that Nora won't be infected - Josh scratched her while he was still more human than wolf.  Aidan is going to be brought in front of the queen vampire - you know that won't end well.  My summer plans now involve catching up on all the British episodes before next season.