Horror Movie A Day Review - Storage 24


As of this writing, Storage 24 has the horrible distinction of being the lowest grossing film of the year and the second lowest (reported) grossing film OF ALL TIME per BoxOfficeMojo, with a horrible 72 dollar gross on the 1 screen it played on (which was in Chicago, if memory serves). So at the end of the year, people will make fun of it (as they did with last year's lowest grosser Playback, also from Magnet) and it will make for funny trivia, but few of the members of this peanut gallery will actually take the 85 minutes to actually watch the damn thing. And that's a shame, because it's actually a pretty enjoyable modern Alien ripoff, and better than most of the big-screen horror films that I've seen this year - anyone who thinks Last Exorcism 2 deserved more exposure than this needs their brain checked...

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