'The House Guest' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.16


Vampire Diaries Episode 2.16
"The House Guest"
Written By: Caroline Dries
Directed By: Michael Katleman
Original Airdate: 24 February 2011

In This Episode...

Katherine pays Stefan a surprise visit, showing just how good she has gotten at impersonating Elena. She insists that they need her to help bring down Klaus, and though they are wary, Elena and Stefan give in.

Stefan and Bonnie decide that the only way to defeat Klaus is to win the Martins over to their side. They were going to do it with Elijah, so they must know how to kill Klaus. Luka wants to believe them, but Dr. Martin insists that they are liars, and decide that Elijah will kill the Salvatores for them. They do an astral projection spell, sending Luka into the Salvatore house to find Elijah. Damon and Katherine are there, going through the Gilbert journals. They cannot see him, but they sense something is amiss. Down in the basement getting blood, Katherine notices the dagger in Elijah slowly lifting out. She yells for help and fights the unseen Luka to keep the dagger in place. While Luka is trying to stake Katherine, Damon runs in with a blowtorch and sears Luka crispy. Back at the Martins' house, Luka is on fire. Dr. Martin extinguishes the flames, but it is too late. Luka is dead.

Dr. Martin is enraged. While entranced, Luka had mentioned - with surprise - that Elena was a vampire. So the doc is out for vengeance against her. Stefan arrives in time to see what the doc is planning, but he mind warps Stefan and heads to The Grill.

Chaos erupts when the doc enters. Bonnie begs him to believe that they will get his daughter back. He blows the lights, sets the bar on fire, and tells her no one leaves until he has Elena. Elena and Stefan are there, and Caroline tries to do a vamp attack to distract him. He mind warps Caroline. Matt jumps in to save her, and Dr. Martin stabs him in the neck with a broken bottle. Caroline forces him to drink her blood.

Bonnie and Jeremy are back at the Gilbert house when Stefan and Elena come in. She goes upstairs while Stefan secures the house. Naturally, Dr. Martin is upstairs, waiting for her. But this isn't Elena - it is Katherine (naturally) and she rips out his throat before he can figure out what is happening. Stefan and Bonnie come in, Bonnie a little concerned that he didn't have to be killed. Well, he kind of wasn't. He sits up and tries to attack Bonnie, but Stefan snaps his neck.

In case you were wondering about Katherine's sudden change of heart with her decision to pose as Elena for good, not evil, the bitch actually has a bit of a heart. She told Damon about the deal she made with John Gilbert. She knew that the dagger would kill Damon. She could only let one Salvatore live, and she chose Stefan. Damon was hurt by this, and Katherine showed a brief flicker of remorse.

But wait folks, there's more! When the doc attacked Bonnie, he gave her her powers back and told her how to kill Klaus. The hinted-at solution involves the field where the witch massacre happened hundreds of years ago, tapping into the power of the angry witch spirits. Before Dr. Martin went Drew Barrymore on The Grill, Caroline won Matt back with an impromptu rendition of "Eternal Flame." After the chaos, he wakes in her room, and she tells him that she is a vampire. He cannot wrap his head around it and thinks that she is responsible for Vicki's death. He leaves, angry and full of vampire blood. Elena gives Bonnie her blessing to date Jeremy, Ric tells Jenna that Isobel died, but he just can't tell her any more. It is enough that they are on the verge of reconciliation. But, as the episode draws to a close, the doorbell rings at the Gilbert house. Jenna answers, with Elena close behind. It is Isobel. "Hi. I'm Elena's birth mother."

Dig It or Bury It?

This was truly one of the pivotal episodes of the season. So much happened! It was just a constant barrage of death, violence, intrigue, and general furthering-the-story-ness. No slow mushy parts or scenes just meant as filler. The "Katherine as Elena for good not evil" bit was super-obvious, but who cares? If you only tune in occasionally, this is a must-watch episode.

Blood Lust

Luka was turned into a crispy critter. Katherine looked evil with blood pouring down her chin from the doc attack. But honestly, there wasn't a lot of notable bloodshed. Damon wielding a blowtorch, however, was quite impressive.

Dear Diary

In reading the Gilbert journals, Damon discovers that a witch can draw power from the massacre field, enough so to kill an original. He also found out where this mythical location is, but shares it with no one but Stefan.


We have an excruciating month-long hiatus before we get to see what kind of havoc Isobel is planning with Katherine.