Icons Of Fright Movie Review - Wrong Turn 2


I'm trying to write this review, and it's late at night and on the TV across the room is “Coal Miner's Daughter”, which like much of “Wrong Turn 2” takes place in the mountains, but it's not nearly as good a movie as “Wrong Turn 2” because while it does have a scene with Sissy Spacek getting spanked with a twig, it doesn't have any scenes with Henry Rollins beating up retarded inbred mutants and blowing up old people with dynamite. You get extra points here on Icons of Fright for that kind of behavior. “Wrong Turn 2” takes place in the same West Virginia woods as the first film, with a Survivor-like reality TV crew and cast heading into the mountains to shoot a pilot. Henry Rollin's stars as “Dale Murphy”, the host of the “The Ultimate Survivalist: The Apocalypse”, which sends it's contestants off to spend a few days gathering sticks, completing missions, and getting tenderized by a family of pollution-mutated locals, headed up by stuntman and former “Jason” Ken Kirzinger.

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